Tide Changes

Welcome to my blog!  I am sitting at the ocean watching the storm pass by and today is the day I have decided to start my blog.  I have always enjoyed writing and have diligently kept a journal for the past 20 years.  I enjoy writing words (and reading them) much more than I enjoy speaking them.  This blog will allow me to express my creativity and hopefully entertain you with insights on books, photography, family, and travel.

My two children are in college and have one foot out of the nest.  They don’t need me on a daily basis anymore.  I’m mostly needed for  money and food.   That is fine by me.  This freedom gives me time to myself, something I haven’t had in a long time.

As waves crash into the surf outside my window, I’m reminded that life is unpredictable. Fisherman consult charts to monitor the tides, but life has no charts. Its the ebb and flows of life that keep us on our toes.   As a new empty nester, I am embracing the newness of my life and taking all the opportunities that come my way.


As I embark on this new blog journey, I hope you will come along.  I always like to learn new things and I hope you can do that here.


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