The Worst Feeling While Traveling

I love to travel and sometimes this involves long, winding car rides, small private planes, tour buses or rough boating.  What do all these things have in common?  Motion Sickness.  I am one of the unlucky people affected by failures of my inner ear.  When I was small I used to ride the roller coasters again and again.  Now I can’t even watch the advertisements for the D-Box seats at the movies.  You know the ones, where the seat moves with the action of the movie.  Excuse me while I vomit just thinking about it.

I have struggled for many years trying all sorts of things to overcome the terrible feeling of motion sickness; ginger, ginger pills, pressure point bands, Dramamine and Bonine, and even a prescription patch.  I remember the patch vividly because as I made it through the roads of Costa Rica, I ended up at the hotel with my eyes so dilated that I couldn’t see and my mouth so dry it felt like I had eaten a bag of chalk.  So, I had to check the patch off the list.  Wine and chalk do not mix.

Vacations start out so exciting but it all goes downhill fast when that first feeling hits the pit of your stomach and your brain tells you that you might be revisiting your last meal.  It is also quite troublesome and embarrassing when you are with other people.  You can’t just “Suck it up,” and continue.  You have to get off the offending car, plane, boat, bus, whatever.  And when you are really sick, you contemplate HOW EXACTLY you could exit said vehicles–open the exit window, jump from the boat, roll out of the car going 40mph, take down the bus driver. I don’t recommend these options, although I have thought about them all.

If you do end up throwing up, most of the time, you feel better.  You do not look better, however, but who cares at this point.  The people around you have turned away so you don’t start a chain reaction.  Only when your feet have hit the solid ground can you truly begin to feel better.  The moment that you connect with the earth is the most wonderful feeling.

Despite my motion sickness and lack of cures, I still travel and want to travel more in the future. The over-the-counter medications help a little and provide entertainment for others as I nod off while riding past important sightseeing highlights.  Right now, this is the best I can do.

One thought on “The Worst Feeling While Traveling

  1. Maya, I had no idea! The one and only cruise I went on found me sleeping through the first day from taking so much meclizine. I don’t get car sick, and had no clue I would be seasick. I grew up on lakes and in motor boats with no problem. Go figure. I’m enjoying your posts! I journal (blog) on Blogger.


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