I want you to think really hard about this question…. When was the last time you told another adult that you were proud of them? I know that this is a common phrase you tell your children, but why do we not use it more for our family and friends? They are powerful words: I AM PROUD OF YOU.

When saying these words, you let someone know that you relate to them or their experience in some way.  It is a good feeling to have someone tell you that they are proud of you. There is a feeling of accomplishment and recognition that you achieved something good.  When you were a kid, this happened all the time. But as an adult, unless your mother is around you all the time, you don’t hear it very often.

When you tell a person that you are proud of them, it should only be to someone that you are close to. If you tell an acquaintance or stranger that you are proud of them it becomes creepy. They may feel like you are not genuine. There is a level of intimacy in these words and you don’t want to cross the line into weirdo.

When someone tells you they are proud of you, it is not supposed to be condescending or “I’m better than you.” It is just a verbal high five that let’s you know you are on the right track. Receive the words in kindness and let someone know you appreciate the kind words.

Words are powerful and as we grow up we often don’t let those around us know that they are important and doing well. The queue is long for those willing to let you know when you screwed up, but just a few good friends will let you know how proud they are of you.  These are the people to keep around.

2 thoughts on “I’M PROUD OF YOU

  1. Well said, Maya. You are so right. This is something we rarely hear from, or say to, adults. Why not!! Next time I give someone a “high five” I hope I remember to also say I am proud of that person!


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