Birthdays are a touchy subject for people.   I am of the camp that loves them.  Everyone gets older so why fight it.  Embrace it and enjoy the fact that for a short period of time every year, you can celebrate yourself.

Did you know that you celebrate your birthday with about 850,000 other people in the US?  In the world, you share your “special” day with about 19 million people.  If you think of it that way, it is not too special, but it’s all about perspective.

Not only do I celebrate my birthday, I also celebrate my birth month!  I’m not talking about buying gifts and spending a lot of money.  It is more of an attitude for the month. For example,  if I go out to dinner or go out anywhere in my birth month, I usually will say, ” This is my birthday dinner or birthday drink or birthday trip to ______.”  While all of the outings in my birth month are not planned just for me, I have embraced them all as if they were.   I have been know to say, “I’ll have a margarita, please.  It’s my birthday.” Technically it is not my birth DAY, but it is my birth MONTH.   Oh well, minor detail.

Now, for this to work, you must have your significant other/spouse on board.  If you are single, then you can do what you want.  For those of us with spouses/ significant others, they must adopt the attitude that for a month every year you get to wear your invisible tiara and pretend you are important.   I have endured some eye rolling over the years, but mostly laughs and good times as we celebrate life.  My Life. Me.

So as my birthday month continues, I will keep celebrating.  Maybe you should give it a try too.


4 thoughts on “Birthdays

  1. Oh, Maya! I agree with you 100%!! Birthdays are to be celebrated, indeed! And to celebrate for the entire month is even easier when your birthday (like mine) is in December. I do draw the line at birthday gifts wrapped in Christmas paper, however! I wish you a wonderful January birthday month-long celebration!!


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