Put Ljubljana on Your Radar


Ever heard of this place before? It is a beautiful travel destination that you don’t want to miss. How do I know? This is where my mother was from. I have been there many times and just love how beautiful the city is.

Ljubljana is the capitol city of the country of Slovenia and it is the largest city. It is nestled in the Alps and has many countries as neighbors, as you can see. As a child traveling with my mother, we would often head across the Yugoslav (now Slovenia) border into Italy for a day of shopping. At that time, Yugoslavia was Communist and the “shopping” we were going to do was for necessities that my grandmother and aunt could not get at home. It was much cheaper to get items in Italy and bring them back. When we would cross the border back into Yugoslavia, the border patrol would let us by because there were Americans in the car. It was always an adventure.

Now, Ljublana is a thriving city that is up and coming. Downtown is dissected by three bridges that cross the Ljubjanica River.  Ljubliana’s downtown restaurants and bars are plentiful and if you are lucky, you can find a table on the river. People in Europe have made hanging out at outdoor café’s an art, so take advantage of the scene and park yourself at a table for a while. There are many good pizza restaurants in Ljublana and the Italian influence is definitely felt. There are brick oven pizzas that are amazing. Look out for the pizza with an egg on it (an Ei). It’s not my cup of tea, but for you foodies, give it a try.

Right outside of the city center you will see a beautiful castle on a hill that is worth checking out. It is the Ljubjana Castle dating back to the early 16th century.  You can walk up to the castle or take a vernicular. Once you are up there, you have great views of the city. I recommend the vernicular up to the castle and a lovely walk down to the city.


There are many things to do in Ljubjana besides hanging out downtown. Check out hiking in the Alps, flea markets every Sunday, food tours, shopping, and more.

If you want to take a trip outside of Ljubjana, my recommendation is Bled. About 45 minutes outside the city you will see a beautiful castle in the middle of a lake. The Lake is Lake Bled and you can boat to the castle and explore. It is not a large castle, nor a large lake, but it is fairy-tale like and a must visit.


Ljubljana is one of those cities that you don’t have on the top of your travel list, but if you are in the area, I would make a pitstop. You will not be disappointed

3 thoughts on “Put Ljubljana on Your Radar

  1. What great memories and what a lovely place. Thanks for sharing your experiences with us and for the recommendation. If I could travel to Europe again, I would put Ljubjana on my itinerary. I have always wanted to see a ‘real’ castle and those two look amazing!


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