Weighing Yourself on Vacation?

I recently went on vacation and I was in “relaxation mode.” I open the door to my hotel room and all was well, UNTIL, I went into the bathroom. What I found there completely tanked my happy mood. There it was, sitting on the floor. It stopped me cold as I circled it and wondered aloud, “What the **** is that doing there?”

I called out to my husband, “Honey, come in here.” I stood perfectly still as he poked his head in the bathroom to see what all the commotion was about. “There!” I pointed. “What is that about?” He shook his head thinking that a snake or spider made its way into our restroom. What resided in my space was much worse. See below:



I do not know whose idea it was, in the grand scheme of life, to put a scale in a hotel bathroom but it is not a good one. I have never once gotten dressed in a hotel and said, “Wait, let me just weigh myself before I go out.”  Or after having too many cocktails on a girls’ weekend, turned to my friend and said, “I’m going to see the damage before I go to bed.”

I continued my vacation but having the scale was like having another person in the bathroom with me. It took up physical space and I had to maneuver around it. I made sure not to touch it, brush it or even make full eye contact with it. I tried to ignore it but it made its presence known. I could hear it taunting me, “There are 750 calories in each of those margaritas you drank tonight.” I wanted to throw it out the window, but of course, the windows don’t open. The trashcan is too small too-I checked.

When I am on vacation, I am not thinking of calorie counting, watching my weight or anything related to the Paleo diet or any diet at all. I do not need a scale in my hotel room. I don’t need to know that I’ve gained weight (or lost weight, hypothetically) while having fun and I’m fairly confident that no one else does either. If you are not on vacation, but on a work-related stay or family visit or any non-vacation stay, there is still no reason to have a scale in the bathroom.  Just wait to get home and weigh yourself there. (Without any shoes or clothes, of course.)

Sadly, my vacation ended and at no time did I feel the need to check out my weight. It stayed the same, I’m sure of it. I checked out of the room and for future stays, I will have to request the no scale room.  Note to self: extra blankets, down pillows, full minibar, and no scale. I closed the door to room 322 and I left a note behind on the scale for the cleaning people. It said,” Please remove this scale from the room. Thank you. —a friend.”

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