Happy Anniversary!

In all the excitement of getting my youngest off to college, I forgot to celebrate my anniversary. No, not my wedding anniversary, but my BLOG anniversary. I started writing it July 25, 2015 and it has been a little over a year. My original intentions were to keep a blog for a year. With my newfound free time, I intended to write a little more, be disciple about it, and enjoy the process along the way. Check, check and triple check. My blog is not something that is making money, has a lot of followers or is recognized at all. I have enjoyed it immensely. I have shared my thoughts and heard yours, as well. I committed to something and stuck to it. That, I am proud of.

Here are the stats of my blog (for those who are interested in it):

Followers: 330

How many posts: 33

Views: 2270

I have learned a lot from doing this blog. First, I learned how to blog. I learned about widgets, avatars, stats, views, visitors, and much more. Second, I realized that people are busy and putting your blog out there doesn’t mean people will read it. That is ok. There are 64.3 million new posts posted every month says WordPress.com.  That is a lot of words! Lastly, I have learned that writing is fun and I enjoy the expressive aspect of putting words on paper, well, the screen.

As I roll into the second year, please share with friends and family. You can follow my blog on FB or go to my blog and follow it on WordPress– just by clicking the follow button. The blog will automatically go to your email address when a new post is posted. If I do what the “experts” say, I need to get my blog out there all over social media. Hmmm….we’ll see.

So, as I celebrate this anniversary, I look forward to a new year and new changes. I will continue to write, learn and enjoy the process. For all of my 330 followers, thank you for reading, commenting, reposting, and sharing.

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