Rules for Vacations with Friends

Vacationing is a very important part of living. Vacations help you recharge and re-invigorate your life. There are so many places to go and things to do, one has a hard time deciding. With that being said, choosing whom you vacation with can be a little more limiting. One has to look for people who have the same interests, budget, vacation styles, etc.   You may have many circles of friends but traveling with those people may turn into vacation hell.

Did you know there are Rules for vacations? Of course, they are unwritten rules, but they, nevertheless, exist. I have tried to make a list of these rules so the Unwritten Vacation Rules become Written Vacation Rules (WVR) that people take note of and hopefully, consider. These are my rules and I’m sure other people have ones to add or delete. This is just a starting point.

Here are my WVR (in no particular order) for traveling with other people:

  1. Be flexible
  2. Discuss the budget/accomodations/meals of the trip so everyone is on board
  3. Eat what you want-no dieting on vacation
  4. Know if your group is night owls or morning people before you go anywhere.
  5. Drinking on vacation is perfectly fine at any time. It’s 5 o’clock somewhere-no judging
  6. Do what you want-sleep in, go out, explore, whatever. You don’t all have to do the same things
  7. Don’t squabble about the check-just split it down the middle
  8. Be on time. There is nothing worse than waiting for that one person who is always late.
  9. Communicate with your group if you decide to do your own thing
  10. Never go anywhere without some snacks- hangry people are not nice.
  11. No man/woman left behind when going to a bar/club
  12. Do not talk the entire vacation. Don’t use all your words, all the time. Take in the sights and just be.
  13. If one person is the driver for the trip, make sure they are able to enjoy the vacation too.
  14. If you are a high maintenance person, only travel with those of your kind. Same as with on-the-fly types.
  15. Understand the level of adventure of the group and stick to those parameters. Don’t make the “scared of heights girl” go up on the funicular.
  16. Traveling can be stressful. If someone has a meltdown, let them have their own space to get over it.
  17. If you are a picture taker, make sure the group knows this and is ok with it. There is nothing worse than sightseeing with a person who takes pictures of EVERYTHING while you walk at a snails pace to get anywhere.
  18. Discuss whether you are having carry-on baggage or checking the bags. If everyone is having carry-on bags, cram your stuff in one too. If not, you might get left behind at your destination.
  19. Discuss a travel agenda. Do you want to plan activities for the day or just wing it? Know before you go.
  20. Don’t post, tag, tweet, etc. about others without their permission. What happens on vacation, stays on vacation.


Finally, know yourself. Know what your expectations are and what kind of traveler you are. Have a conversation with your travel companions about what you are looking for out of this trip and what your needs are.

Friends are hard to find and even harder to find as travel companions. If you are lucky enough to find a few friends to travel with, make sure to take note of the WVR’s so you can be friends when the trip is over.

2 thoughts on “Rules for Vacations with Friends

  1. Love this one!!! I learned an new word, funicular!! So glad I have the exact same list… especially no judging on the drinking or excursion points!!😘. Here’s to the next friendcation !!!


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