List Lovers

I love lists. I make lists for all sorts of things such as grocery items, Christmas gifts, things to do, blog ideas, books to read…just about anything. Lists keep people organized and prioritize things to get done. It feels that all is right with the world when you put your lists on paper or in your phone and slowly attack them.

I think you are either a list person or not. If you are, then continue reading. If you are not, I would advise skipping this blog.

There is a reason that people like lists so much. The brain is wired to focus on tasks undone. Lists give the brain a plan. Completing lists can reduce anxiety and make you feel more in control. Life is more manageable with lists.

There are several methods to the madness. Some people use Post it notes like wallpaper. Other people use a notebook or a white board. The torn piece of paper from any available source is often used. The technically savvy use apps. I use all of the above, minus the technically savvy part.

While the Post-it note is my best friend, I am currently cheating on him with the app called WUNDERLIST. It is free and it works great to create lists of all kinds, on all your devices. I use Wunderlist on my phone and I love it. The best feature Wunderlist has is its folders.  You can create folders for anything you like to help you stay organized. Here is a snapshot of mine:


With this app you can also: Add a reminder to a list, add notes, add due dates, browse the web, and save a link to Wunderlist, print your lists, and share the list with others. It also does other techie stuff that you can look into. (This old dog can only learn so many new tricks.)

Once you have created a list, the next best feeling is checking something off, or even better, throwing the list away or deleting it. That sense of completion is why I make lists in the first place.  On Wunderlist, when you delete an item, you get a lovely “ding” that accompanies the deletion. I feel exactly like Pavlov’s dogs – trying to get items done to get the rewarding “ding.”  Finishing lists gives people a sense of closure and releases tension. It just makes you feel good.

Lists are one of those random things we use throughout our daily lives and they can create order and a sense of accomplishment. Two things I like.

Next time you start a list, whether on paper or an app, think about all the benefits you are accomplishing. If you don’t use Wunderlist, you may want to check it out—even if you just want to hear the “ding.”

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