Ben & Jerry’s Vegan Ice Cream Experiment

Ben & Jerry’s ice cream has always been awesome. For my vegan daughter, who came home for Spring Break, it is even more ‘awesomer’ now that they have released some new non-dairy options. Technically, they are called non-dairy desserts and not ice cream because The Food and Drug Administration defines ice cream as a frozen, pasteurized product made from dairy that contains at least 10 percent milk fat. Ben & Jerry’s non-dairy ice cream is made from almond milk, coconut oil and pea protein. (Did I lose you at pea protein???)

I am a regular connoisseur of ice cream like many of you, but I actually studied Food Science and took a class on Dairy which taught me how to make ice cream in college. I was curious about this non-dairy variety that my daughter brought into our home recently. She eats this ice cream because she is a vegan and others probably eat it because they are lactose intolerant. I am neither, simply curious.

Ok… first of all, there is no comparison between ice cream and this dessert. The butterfat in ice cream gives it the thick, rich flavor that melts in your mouth. The vegan ice cream is not smooth or creamy. It has an icy mouth feel and it is hard as a rock. BUT… once you find a spoon strong enough to get a bite out, it tastes pretty good. If you recognize that this is not ICE CREAM and is a substitute, you might find yourself liking it a lot. People that are lactose intolerant will rejoice that they now can have Ben & Jerry’s too.

Ben and Jerry’s entered the non-dairy dessert market in 2016 and now they have 7 flavors in the US. My favorite flavor is PB & Cookies. Apparently, the vegan population is on the rise and there are more and more vegan products being introduced into the grocery stores daily.

While I haven’t completely switched to the vegan ice cream, it is good enough to buy even when my daughter isn’t home.


2 thoughts on “Ben & Jerry’s Vegan Ice Cream Experiment

  1. PB & Cookies is Peyton’s favorite too! She lets it sit out on the counter for about 10 minutes before she eats it so it’s not so hard. She goes through 2 cartons a week. Her latest vegan dessert find is vegan cookie dough called Just Cookie Dough. Because it’s vegan, you can eat it straight out of the carton. It’s delicious!

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