Being Flexible, A Life Lesson

I should have been in Prague by now but life, specifically, the flu, has gotten in the way. When you are too sick to board a plane, it is a sad day. Looking on the bright side, it is a reminder that the best-made plans are never set in stone and sometimes you have to be a little flexible. When you do any traveling you need to be able to go with the flow and make changes when necessary. I have never had to change a flight because I was too sick to go, but there is always a first time for everything. And I hope a last time.

In the end, I will be a few days late to Prague but it doesn’t damper my excitement. It teaches me to enjoy every moment because you never know what life throws at you.

One thought on “Being Flexible, A Life Lesson

  1. Oh maya. !!! I just asked steve if we could get in touch with you to see how the trip was going. Hope you are there. Now just do what I would do and stay up
    ALL night to make up 😘


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