What Not to do on a Plane

Airplane travel is huge in the summer months and travel can be stressful. Combine that with the fact that travelers are becoming increasingly comfortable inside the cabin of a plane and you have a scenario that can be rather unpredicatable and strange. I have been reading about some of these things and want to let you know what NOT to do on an airplane.


I think these are mostly common sense, but then again people are doing them regularly, so I will post them.

Don’t exercise in the aisles. We know you don’t want blood clots, but no down dogs, no pushups, no sit-ups. Stretch your legs in your seat like everyone else.

Don’t stow all of your life’s possessions in the overhead bin. It’s just a trip, not a studio apartment.

No sharing earbuds across the aisle.

Don’t take medication for the first time on an airplane. Higher altitudes and new medications do not mix well. Do not be the person that pops an Ambien and starts to undress.

Don’t urinate in soda bottles or cans. Yes, apparently people do this.

No brushing your teeth in the aisles.

Don’t take your shoes and socks off. And certainly don’t walk to the bathroom barefoot. No one want to smell your feet and certainly not after your bathroom jaunt.

Don’t chew your toenails or clip your nails. No painting your nails, either.

 Don’t Man-Spread. Man-Spreading is opening up your legs so wide that you have taken over the next seat’s space. This also includes spreading your arm into the next seat’s space. No one knows exactly who gets the armrest so just share time with your neighbor. A silent compromise is perfect.

Don’t have sex or masturbate on the plane. Not in the bathroom or in your seat. We all know what is going on and it is gross.

 For the weirdest thing I read about:

No breastfeeding your cat. (I had to look this one up.) Apparently, a woman on a flight asked if she could breasfeed her cat? The request was denied.

Happy Flying!

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