11 Kind Ideas

If you have ever been on the receiving end of a kind act, you know that it can make your whole day great.  Sometimes, just slowing down and taking a little time to do something special for someone else is needed in this busy world.  Here are some suggestions to make someone’s day a little brighter.

1. Buy flowers in the grocery store and give them to someone in the store.

2. Write on the mirror of someone in your house and tell them something you love about them.

3. Call a friend up when they get back from vacation to hear about their trip.

4. Buy a gift for a friend just because you saw it and thought of them.

5. Put aromatherapy spray on your kid’s (spouses’s, significant other’s, parent’s) pillow before they go to sleep.

6. Put gas in your child’s/spouse’s car and don’t tell them.

7. Slip a note in a suitcase for a friend/spouse/child to find on a trip.

8. When you have a good day of fishing, bring some fresh fish to your neighbors.

9. Next time you are baking, give your mail carrier a special treat.

10. Tell your mother and/or father how much they are appreciated.

11. When traveling, offer to help someone with putting their bag in the overhead compartment and taking it down too.

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