Tell a Great Story with Photo Books

What do you do with all the photos you take with your camera or on your phone? Do you ever look at them again? If they are recent you might, but you probably don’t go back and look at vacation pictures from 5 years ago or even 10. Some people have a digital frame that circles through pictures but there is no creativity or story.  I have found that one of the easiest ways to commemorate an event or vacation is with a photo book.

The photo book is not a new idea but the options in layouts and user creativity keep getting better. There are quite a few sites out there that specialize in photo books such as Snapfish, Mixbook, Shutterfly, Picaboo, mPix and MyPublisher. Don’t forget Apple too. They generally do the same job and that is to put your photos in a creative, interesting book that holds the important photos documenting an event. There are even sites such as Blurb, that do photobooks from your Instagram, iphone or FB. I have been doing photobooks for about 15 years now and I continue to use them for vacations mostly.


There are several reasons I like making photo books. The first is you can add text or captions to pictures that help me remember what was happening at that particular moment. You don’t have to wonder, “Where was that picture taken or why is that person doing that?”   The second reason is that it provides a creative, individual presentation that is easy to look at. You highlight the pictures that mean the most and weed out the rest. You will never look at those anyway. What is left is a great story. The third reason is that you can make multiple books and share your books with others who joined you on the trip but relied on you for all the photos. This last one is very important. You can even send the link to your photo book to others and they can make changes to it to suit them.

Producing a photobook does take time, so I don’t recommend you do this for every trip you take, but focus on one or two a year. One of the time consuming parts is the uploading of pictures. Once that is done, the fun part starts. This is where you get creative (if you want). You can choose layouts, add pictures, add text, backgrounds, quotes, stickers, etc. If you don’t want to put the pictures where you want them, the photobook site will put them in for you. (You just need to make sure they are in an order you like.)

Once you are done, you can preview the book you created and get it printed. I always wait to print it when there is a sale, which happens quite frequently.

Here are a few pictures of layouts from my photobooks. fullsizeoutput_101b8


The photo book is not like the slide show you were made to sit through when your parents went on a vacation. It is mainly for the person/people that participated in the event. You can keep them on the bookshelf or stack them on the coffee table. All your important memories are easy to locate and enjoy.

It takes a little time, but is so worth it.

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