Olympic Games in my Future?


I have always wanted to go to the Olympic Games. It is on my bucket list and I’m sure on many other peoples too. I’m interested in both the summer and winter games and would be thrilled to attend either. The next Olympics are in Korea in 2018 in a region called PyeongChang. It will be the 22nd Winter Olympic Games and the dates are Feb 9-25 (17 days). Sadly, I will not be there but it hasn’t stopped me from checking out some information about the Games. Here is some basic information about the PyeongChang Olympics:

There are two main venue areas that are not near each other. You pretty much can’t see two events in the same day at different locations. The two areas and events are below:

Gangneung Coastal Cluster: hockey, curling, speed skating, short track speed skating and figure skating

PyeongChang Mountain Cluster: ceremonies, ski jump, Nordic combined, biathlon, cross country skiing, luge, bobsled and skeleton

There are also two stand alone venues: (1) for freestyle skiing and snowboard, (2) for alpine skiing (downhill, Super-G, and combined)


So… exactly how much are Olympic event tickets???? I checked it out on the website, CoSport.com, where you can see all the events and pricing. Here is a sampling:


Opening Ceremony Feb 9                                             $1562.96

Closing Ceremony Feb 25                                             $1025.69


Men’s Ice Hockey (USA) – preliminary round          $281.34

Women’s Figure Skating on Feb 11 and

Women’s Speed Skating on Feb 12                             $586.11

Gold Medal Men’s Hockey match                               $976.85



Ok, now you have a handle on ticket pricing. How much are hotel rooms going for? On Travelocity and Expedia, everything is sold out in Gangneung. You would have to go much further outside the city to find an available hotel. There are a small selection of places still available on Airbnb. On first glance, you can still find a few places to rent but they vary widely in comfort level. There was a one bedroom apartment that was acceptable at $505 a night. Many people are staying in Seoul, the capital, and taking the train into Gangneung.  At this late date, finding a place to stay will take some website searching and a little flexibility.

How do I get there?  The closest airport to get you to the Olympics is Incheon International Airport in Seoul.  To fly from JFK to Seoul during the Olympics will cost you about $1269 for Delta or Korean Air.  The flight is roughly 14 hours.

There are a lot of companies that do packages for the Olympics and I think that might be a good route to explore if you were in the market to book something. They book blocks of hotels way in advance and offer options for every budget. You can do it on your own, it just takes good old fashioned time and patience to find what you like.

The Winter Olympics in Korea is around the corner and I will be watching it on tv and wondering what Olympics will I attend? After Korea, there is the summer Olympics in Tokyo in 2020. It is not too early to start doing research about these games if you are wanting to attend.  I wonder what I am doing from July 24 to Aug 9, 2020? Maybe that is my year.


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