Hurricane Irma: I’m Ready

Irma is on its way to Florida.  All the forecasters are plotting and watching the spaghetti models of Irma and the residents of Florida are preparing in masses.  In our local grocery store by 8:15am today, the water was gone, but thank God, there still was Miller Lite on the shelf.  It was even on sale.  Did you know that there is 90 to 95% water in beer?  So, really, why don’t we all just get beer instead?  When everyone is in hurricane mode, I’m thinking about the water content of beer.  Yes, my mind is a weird place.

I looked up what the name “Irma” means and according to Wikipedia, it means “universal,” or in other words, applicable to all.  I suspect that the National Hurricane Center knew this when they chose this name and it appears to be befitting of this storm.

With Hurricane Harvey still a huge concern, I decided to look up what “Harvey” meant.  Wikipedia said “battle-worthy.”  They were right because Hurricane Harvey was quite a warrior.  Texas is still reeling from that strong storm.

On a separate note, I also learned that the the word “Harvey” means to “have a visible and quite noticeable semi-erection when in public,” according to the Urban Dictionary.  I will use it in a sentence for you to tie this all together:

I hope he doesn’t have a Harvey in the middle of evacuation from Hurricane Irma.

I am fairly confident that you did not think this blog was going in the direction that it went.  I didn’t either.

Hurricane Irma, a huge storm barreling in on Florida, is going to make it’s mark, but at this point, we don’t exactly know where.  I have purchased all my FEMA suggested items and a few extra including beer, chocolate and wine.  I definitely think these should be on the list too.  Stay safe everyone.




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