Try a Cat Cafe

Did you know there are cafés out there that allow you mingle with CATS while, for example, you have a cup of coffee and a pastry? In foreign countries, they are quite popular and have been around for a while. (In fact, you can find other animals to hang out with such as goats, owls, snakes, and sheep).

In the US, there are more cat cafes popping up everyday. The idea behind most of the cat café out there is they provide a comfortable environment for people to interact with cats and kitten for a fee, in the hopes of having the animals adopted. Several cat cafés are associated with shelters. The cat cafés provide beverages (even wine and beer at some) and food for purchase. Each cat café is different but many of them require reservations. Some allow walk-ins, and others do not. It is best to check their website to get all the details.

Recently, I visited one in Vancouver called Catfe and it was a very nice experience. Admission was $5 per person with any cafe purchase or $8 with no purchase for 1 hour. There is a limit of 16 people allowed at one time with the cats. There are rules with cat cafés too including several I didn’t like too much such as don’t pick up the cats and don’t wake a sleeping cat. Sometimes rules are meant to be broken. Just saying.

I petted and played with cute cats for my hour while I enjoyed a latte. There were plenty of cat toys available but my feline friends just preferred the good old-fashioned petting with my hand. I wanted there to be more cats available (I think there was 5 or 6). With several other people in the room with me, it was hard to get lots of kitty time. Overall, it was a lot of fun and I even got to see a gentleman come in to take home his cat that he was adopting. (I did overhear that he had 2 interviews and a home visit.)

Cat cafés are becoming trendy places to visit if you are a cat lover. Here are a list of some cat cafes in the US:



  • The Cat Café- San Diego, CA
  • Cat Town Café-Oakland, CA
  • KitTea- San Francisco, CA
  • Meow Parlor- San Francisco, CA
  • Crumbs & Whiskers-Los Angeles, CA and Washington D.C.
  • Denver Cat Company- Denver, CO
  • Purrington’s Cat Lounge-Portland, OR
  • Purr- Boston, MA
  • Meow Parlour- NYC
  • Koneko- NYC
  • The Brooklyn Cat Café-Brooklyn, NY
  • Meowtropolitan- Seattle, WA

There are several more getting ready to open across the U.S. so you might want to google a city to what is available.

Finally, on a fun and stress-free note–I noticed that many of these cat cafes are also offering Cat Yoga. Yoga classes are held with the cats roaming the room or sometimes just let in at the end for meditation. I have not tried this yet, but I think it sounds fun. 

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