Women do More When it Comes to Travel


Did you know that women pick travel destinations more than 80% of the time, pack more, spend more, get to the airport sooner, write reviews of places more, and post about the trip more often on social media.  Women simply do more when it comes to travel.

Women likely choose the destinations, due to the fact, that they research more and plan out itineraries more.  Men like to take care of food, transportation, and day trip reservations.

It is widely known that women and men travel differently.  Here is how travel planning works in my family:

I will spend hours and hours online doing research, to finally share my findings and my husband says, “Sounds good. Let’s go.”  He needs no supporting information and is on board in less than 5 seconds.  I, on the other hand, have taken pages of notes of destinations including what to do there, where to stay, what the weather is like, the best time to go, good restaurant choices and how to get there the easiest/fastest/cheapest way.  He simply says, “Let’s go.”

When the destination is secured, I immediately go into Activities Manager mode (aka Julie McCoy mode) and find out the specifics of everything there is to do in that location.  I research the activities and read reviews.  Hours are spent at the computer and then I ask my husband, how does X sound or Y sound?  He says, “That sounds great. Book it.”  “Do you want to look into other activities or do something else?” I ask.  “Nope,” he says.  So far, he has spent about 6 seconds thinking about our vacation.

It will come as no surprise that women pack much earlier than men do for a trip and also pack more.  Usually a week leading up to the trip, women start to think about packing.  They pull out the suitcase, start doing laundry, lay out clothes, iron, and start to preplan.  Men do none of these things.  Women tend to think about outfits and what they will look like in them.  They coordinate jewelry and scarves, and of course, shoes.  We will lose sleep over day outfits and night outfits, what to sleep in and what to wear if it is raining.  All this prep work requires at least 2 days, minimum. Oh yeah, shocker— we pack 2/3 more than men. Men pack the day before or the morning of a trip.  Packing for them includes jeans, a pair of khaki’s, a few shirts, a pair of shorts and underwear, sometimes.  This is the packing list whether they are gone for 2 days or 2 weeks, to Dubai or Denver.

Another funny thing about men and women traveling is that women want to get to the airport with plenty of time.  They prefer to leave their home earlier than men do, enjoying a stress-free arrival at the airport. Men prefer to get to the airport, fly into the parking garage, hope to get lucky for a parking space, run into the terminal and to make their flight with minutes to spare. Just like they planned it.

Did you know that women spend more than men on vacations?  Of course you did.  I’m not writing about rocket science here.  According to a survey by International Currency Exchange women spend more on clothes and duty free products, while men spend more on food and drinks. The American Express Spending & Saving tracker found that women also spend more on tours, activities, and excursions than men.

After the trip, women are more likely to fill out surveys and post about their trip.  Men have already given their 10 seconds of input to the cause and moved on.

Recognizing the differences in how men and women travel differently is easy and funny, but living with them requires a little work on both sides.  The good part is always the travel.


Information taken from Smartertravel.com, Forbes Magazine, March 2017, and various other websites.

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