Unexpected Adventures

Remember when I started 2017 and declared it a “Year of Adventure?”  Well, I never thought that would have included starting a business, but here I am.  The name of my business is Peacock and Pine and I am selling reusable, high quality, stylish eco-friendly shopping bags that can be monogrammed, if desired.

The idea behind this business began with my 5x a week trek to the grocery store.  At each visit, I was using all these plastic bags and I began to see the waste it was creating.  I started using the store bought reusable bags but they were small, didn’t fold flat, were not very attractive, and made of some fabric material that could not be wiped clean.  I knew I could make something that was better.

After lots of research and finding a manufacturer in China, I pulled the trigger and started Peacock and Pine.  After corresponding with “Abby” in China (you know that is not her real name) for months, I finally was able to communicate what I wanted.  I am fairly confident that “Abby” does not speak English and Google Translate is her best friend. Over time we figured out how to get the product made.

After the samples were approved, they were then manufactured.  I requested a small batch to be sent by air so I would have them by Christmas.  Well, as I unpacked the boxes, I noticed that many of the bags were not folded properly and just thrown into the box.  While the bags would function fine, aesthetically, they were unacceptable.  Most of the bags were not usable due to the packing and shipping of the bags.  Thus commenced more emails and more Google Translate to fix the problem.

I believe that the new shipment has now left port in China and is heading my way! By the way, cargo ships take about 30 days to arrive from China. There is a whole slew of paperwork and documents that accompany a product imported into the US.  I am just beginning to find out all of them. ( Yes, the learning curve is steep.) My website is not active yet, but will be by the end of January when my shipment arrives.  It is Peacockandpine.com.

I have learned a lot about importing goods from China and am still learning every day.  I’ve made some mistakes and I’m sure I’ll continue to do so.  So, while I’m not “adventuring” in the usual sense, I feel the same thrills.  It has been a while since my last post and I guess some adventures take longer than others.

I’ve included some photos of some of my bags and if you want to order any from now unit my website is up, you can email me at maya@peacockandpine.com.


Reusable eco Friendly Bags2

Just to let you know, if you’ve read this far, the name Peacock and Pine was chosen because it represents something a little showy and something connecting us to the environment.

Our oceans are filled with single use plastic bags that could be reduced by simply making a small change: using less of the single use bags and more reusable bags. Small changes matter. And just to let you know, using a reusable bag prevents between 350 and 500 single use bags from negatively affecting our environent.  The goal for Peacock and Pine is to leave this planet better than when we left it.

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