Pack Mule vs Carefree Traveler 0-1

Have you ever wanted to travel easier, more relaxed and care-free?  If so, you might want to check out a few services that send your luggage (or bike, skis, golf clubs) ahead of you to your destination.  Imagine not hauling your luggage through the parking garage; not bumping into people in the crowded airport and not waiting to drop your bags off.  Most importantly-NO WAITING AT THE CAROUSEL OF DESPAIR (aka Baggage Claim) FOR YOUR LUGGAGE!  You simply carry your purse/briefcase/backpack/tote and cruise through the airport with a smug grin thinking you are the smartest person on the planet, then arrive at your destination to all your stuff safely in your room.  Sounding pretty good, huh?

There are several companies that offer this luggage shipping service such as:

  • Luggage
  • Luggage
  • Send My

The premise is pretty much the same- you call to set up a time for them to pick up your bag and the luggage is shipped to your hotel, cruise ship, yurt or wherever you are staying.  You can choose how long it takes such as 5 business days, to as fast as 1 business day.  Prices are also dependent on how heavy your luggage is.

For example, on Luggage Free, you can ship a bag up to 50 lbs within the US for approximately $99 for 5 business days and $236.25 for 1 business day.  If you wanted to send your bag from the US to Australia, it would cost your $369.90 for 7 business days.  This is not a cheap service, but it sounds heavenly.

The reality of life is that sometimes it isn’t possible to pack light.  Many airlines charge large fees for a 3rd or 4th bag and having your bags shipped just makes sense (and improves your mental health).  Delta Airlines will allow up to 10 checked bags per passenger.  I bet you didn’t know that!  (That is a lot of shoes, girls!)  For Delta, a bag traveling within the US, that is a 3rd bag will cost you $150 and the 4th -10th bag is $200.  From the US to Europe, bags 3-10 are $285.

I have been the overly gung-ho person that arrived to the vacation destination ready to unwind, only to have my luggage take a slightly longer, wayward journey.  My husband saying, “Honey, you only need a bathing suit. It will all be fine.”  Only a bathing suit?  Clearly, he has not witnessed the struggles of shopping for a bathing suit.  It takes weeks and sometimes months of mental fortitude, sheer will power and pure luck to find the bathing suit that fits just right.  I like my clothes and my stuff and the very idea of having it waiting for me at my destination has appeal.

The only thing better would be if someone actually packed the bags for me.  Let me see if that is available too….

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