Bubble Tents

Bubble tents are sprouting up across the globe and they are super cool!  What are bubble tents, you ask?  They consist of an inflatable tent with transparent or semi-transparent globes connected by tunnels where you have unobstructed 360 degree views of everything around you.  It’s like camping, but with WAY better views, and sometimes, luxury accomodations.

The bubble tents are made of PVC and they are waterproof, flame retardant, and sometimes have a UV coating. The bubble tents can accommodate regular size furniture, and can also have heaters, air conditioning, and lighting.  Bathrooms are sometimes located inside the tent and sometime they are located close by (in both cases, in non-transparent areas.)

The idea is simply to become one with nature.

Several hotels have adopted bubble tents and you can spend the night in many different locations across the world.

Here are some cool bubble hotels to check out:

The Bubble Lodge, Mauritius

Finn Lough, Northern Ireland

The Five Million Star Hotel, Iceland

Attrap’ ‘Reves, France

Nuit Nature, France

Hotel Aire de Bardenas, Spain

Campera Hotel Burbuja, Mexico

Bubbletent, Australia

Le Domaine Des Bulles, Martinique


And in case you want to have one of your own, check on Amazon or Ebay.  They start at $714 and go up from there.

Even the name, “bubble tent” invokes a magical experience and I can’t wait to try it- although I might have an eye mask in my suitcase.  Morning sunshine might be rough!

One thought on “Bubble Tents

  1. Hi Maya!
    This is amazing! Thanks for sharing. I know what I want for my birthday : a trip to the 5 million star hotel in Iceland🎉
    Love your posts🎉


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