Is Fear Stopping you from Traveling?


When my husband and I plan a trip and pack our bags, we seldom think of anything else other than fun, freedom and relaxation, but for others, travel fears can limit the amount of travel a person takes.

Here are the top fears Americans have for travel:

  • Flying
  • Crime
  • Safe food- food sensitivities, food poisoning
  • Fear of the unknown-xenophobia
  • Natural disaster, economic crises or terrorism
  • Getting sick/medical issues
  • Language barrier
  • Lack of wifi/cell service
  • Packing-the stress of it
  • Jet lag
  • Not knowing the currency
  • Lost luggage
  • Getting lost


Almost 6.5% of people have some sort of fear of flying according to the National Institute of Mental Health.  For most people, just getting out of their comfort zone is reason enough to stay home.

Let’s face it, there are solutions to these fears.  The world is too big to ignore.  Exploration and adventure are required to learn and grow.  The best solution to these common fears is good planning.  If you research the area you are going to and do your homework, it is unlikely that unexpected roadblocks will occur.  Going on tours makes it less stressful too. If you have a fear of flying, hello, its 2018!!! Get yourself some medication!!  Lost luggage or actually getting lost is all part of traveling. Be flexible and enjoy the journey, even if it is in the wrong direction.







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