The Mojito

I have mint in my garden and it is growing like crazy, which is what mint does. To put it to good use, I muddled my way to a great cocktail. Here it is: (in the left photo, my mint is in the back; quietly taking over the basil). *** If you want to plant … More The Mojito

Wine Labels Pick Me

Going into a wine store can be a lot of fun if you are a wine drinker. You know what you like yet you want to find something different. There are cabernets, merlots, pinots, zinfandels, and many more. Should I peruse the reds or whites? Should I check out the California wines or maybe try … More Wine Labels Pick Me

Ice, Ice Baby

Ice has recently become a priority in my life. Not exactly my life, but my husbands and therefore, my life. Ice has always had ups and downs in popularity over the years. Remember back in the 90’s in the movie Basic Instinct when Sharon Stone used an ice pick to get chunks of ice for … More Ice, Ice Baby

Thai Lettuce Wraps

Food is very important to me.  I like to cook and try new dishes but I don’t like to have recipes that have a million ingredients.  This is one of the most popular dishes in my house that is pretty quick and easy.  It has a multitude of flavors and tastes great.  Also, it is very … More Thai Lettuce Wraps

Monkey Bread

I was in Boston recently and it was my first time in the city.  It was a quick trip but I got to see a little bit of the Freedom Trail, Boston Common, the Public Garden and a few other cool things.  While I enjoyed walking around the city, I also enjoyed the many restaurants … More Monkey Bread